About Us

Super Credit Repair is an affiliate of Weller Legal Group, PA. Jay Weller, the President of Weller Legal Group, PA is also the President of Super Credit Repair. Mr. Weller is an attorney who primarily represents debtors in bankruptcy proceedings, including Chapter 7, Chapter 11, and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. Weller Legal Group PA is a law firm that represents debtors in bankruptcy proceedings, debt consolidation programs, debt settlements, and credit repair.

The concept of Weller Legal Group PA and Super Credit Repair is to help persons reduce or eliminate debt through various remedies, including bankruptcy, foreclosure defense, lawsuit defense, debt settlement, debt consolidation, and credit repair.

All clients at Super Credit Repair are benefitted by having actual attorneys and paralegals having review over your individual file and case. You may contact our office at anytime and speak with a counselor who is specifically assigned to your case. Furthermore, the counselor, or paralegal, is also under the management and review of an attorney in the law firm.

Super Credit Repair offers a free consultation with an attorney at Weller Legal Group, who is trained and experienced in credit repair, and how it interacts with bankruptcy, judgments, evictions, and other remarks. The attorney or counselor will discuss with you the possible areas where you may obtain an improved credit report, or credit score.

Super Credit Repair does not engage in any bad practices when attempting to improve the credit report or credit scores of its clients. Super Credit Repair will work to remove inaccurate credit remarks, bad credit remarks exceeding 6.5 to 7 years old, duplicative remarks and sometimes even Judgments and Evictions. The counselor or attorney will advise you as to which remarks can be validly removed or improved.

There are dangers to contesting all bad remarks on a credit report. One may temporarily have the remark removed, only to have it reappear, and more stubbornly remain on one’s credit. Super Credit Repair will approach each client’s credit report in a responsible and honest fashion, which over the longer term will result in better results for each client in terms of the health of the client’s credit report and credit score.

Super Credit Repair has three offices located in Florida, including a Clearwater, Lakeland, and Port Richey office. Super Credit Repair is also available nationally, throughout the United States.