Strategies That Work For Negotiating When Buying A New Car

Negotiating to Buy a New CarIf you are buying a car, there is much to consider. Where will you purchase it? Is your credit score good enough to obtain a loan? How much can you afford? What make and model would you want? The questions go on and on.

Whether you are buying a car near Clearwater or across the state by Jacksonville, the strategies we have listed below will work great for negotiating at a car dealership.

The first thing you need to know is that you must do your research. There are many car dealerships near Clearwater, but not all of them will treat you the same. Some have better customer service, while others only care about selling the car to you. Look at reviews to know where you will most likely be treated the best.

Second, know the value of your existing car if you are trading it in. Unfortunately, there are sales associates out there who will try to rip you off when telling you what your car is worth.

Many individuals concentrate on what their monthly pay will be when buying a car. But in all reality, as the dealer finagles numbers to get the payment where you want it, you might wind up paying more in the long run. Take into consideration what not only the monthly payment will be, but also what the final price of the car will be once it has been paid off. Know what your budget is, and be certain to stay within your means so you do not take the chance of ruining the credit score you currently have.

Also, know that there are many things that you are able to negotiate when it comes to obtaining your new car. However, there are other things that are not negotiable.

Things that are negotiable include:

  • Credit and gap insurance: A car dealership may pressure you to purchase them, but this is not something that you must take. If they continue to haggle you that you must take it, walk away.
  • Trade-in price: If you believe the trade-in price is too low, you certainly may ask for a higher price for your vehicle.

Things that are not negotiable are:

  • Taxes and registration fees: A dealership is not the one that sets these. Therefore, they must charge what the county/state government tells them to.
  • Destination charge listed on the car’s Monroney sticker: This charge is set by the automobile manufacturer.

It is also a great idea to shop around online when you are looking for vehicles. This allows you to see the best deals you can find. If you only look at one dealership, you are missing out on finding a car that you may like better. It is also possible that another dealership will give you a better deal on a trade-in or slash the price if they know you are looking at another dealership.

Refrain from getting any extras on your vehicle that will cost you lots of money. This may be anything from an extended warranty to nitrogen for your tires or even an interior package. Dealerships often raise the prices on these, so if there is something you truly want, you can most likely find it elsewhere at a cheaper price.

If you are near Clearwater and want to get your credit score under control, consider calling Super Credit Repair. They can help you get your financial life on track, so buying a car can be a reality.

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